• Vlisco Super Wax Collection VSW783
  • Vlisco Super Wax Collection VSW783
  • Vlisco Super Wax Collection VSW783


Vlisco Super Wax Collection VSW783

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Vlisco Super Wax is made of 100% luxurious cotton fabric and has a super fine feel that distinguishes it from wax block prints. Comprising a two-toned colour combined with a crackling effect, a third colour might be added to the print however, this is created without the crackling effect. The Super Wax fabrics are designed using the highest quality digital of printing, which is embedded inside the cotton cloth. It is this unique digital printing designs that give the Vlisco Super-Wax fabric it's distinctive style. Vlisco ensures the  vibrant colour combinations of every Super-Wax print exhibits a stunning finish that highlights the beautiful African pride and culture. The Super-wax fabric is available in 6 yards (unless stated). To ensure the authenticity of the Vlisco Print, the Vlisco VVH logo and the words SUPER-WAX are repeated twice per yard. Shop Vlisco here at Hilton Textiles, with a wide range of patterns and colours, including exclusive colours and designs only sold at Hilton Textiles. Hilton Textiles, the home of African Fabrics.

  • Vlisco Super Wax Fabric
  • Dutch Wax Print
  • Made with soft super fine cotton
  • Produced in Holland since 1846
  • Eye catching colours
  • Unique patterns
  • Worldwide Shipping
6 yard (5.4M) lengths

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