• Vlisco Java Wax - VJW813
  • Vlisco Java Wax - VJW813
  • Vlisco Java Wax - VJW813

vlisco java

Vlisco Java Wax - VJW813

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Hilton Textiles presents a brand new collection of Java Wax. The colour styles are generally colourful and rich, which creates dazzling fabrics with special designs like sheen surfaces. Vlisco Java prints are all designed on one side of the fabric (cotton cloth) but are also clearly visible at the back side. The appealing pattern and unique colour mix ensure that everyone can express their personality in their clothing.  Vlisco use a unique collection of shades like yellow, blue, green, red, pink, purple, orange and brown. The difference between Vlisco Java's and Vlisco Wax Hollandais block fabrics is that there is no wax used. This means that for the Java designs, very fine and detailed patterns are possible in multiple, original and varying colour ways

    • Guaranteed Real Java Print
    • 100% cotton / 120 gr/m²
    • The width of the fabric is 120 cm or 48"
    • Vivid patterns & rich colours and designs
    • Express your personality with Vlisco Java
    6 yard (5.4M) lengths

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