• Le Millionaire Bazin Brocade Be Fresh - 5 Meters - LMBBF107
  • Le Millionaire Bazin Brocade Be Fresh - 5 Meters - LMBBF107

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Le Millionaire Bazin Brocade Be Fresh - 5 Meters - LMBBF107

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Welcome to the exclusive Le Millionaire Bazin Brocade. This luxury product is the h-quality brocade shaddah. The touch and feel are suburb and when you wear Le Millionaire there is NO SWEAT as the fabric allows your body to breath. Soft yet durable - 100% Cotton with the best finishing with a stunning shine. 

Le Millionaire BE FRESH Is a unique digitally printed two tone design. Beautiful and creative patterns that are perfect for the fashion conscious buyer. Perfect for every occasion.   

Experience of high-class fashion with Le Millionaire bazin brocade.  

  • Unique Two Tone Design
  • Breathable fabric and designed to Prevent Sweat!!
  • Produced from 100% Fine Egyptian Cotton
  • Gentle and soft fabric 
  • Exclusive to Hilton Textiles LTD

5 Meters (5.46 yards)

For 10 Meters please select this product twice

This unique brocade shadda is manufactured in Europe using 100% finest Egyptian cotton. This Bazin riche (damask fabric) has been designed exclusively for our African customers. Le Millionaire Bazin is a unique Jacquard product, the dense fabric of the finest Egyptian cotton yarns. 

The fabric is so gentle on your skin. Suitable for all occasions, graduation, weddings or religious festivals like Saleh or Christmas. The most striking and unique brocade patterns and texture make Le Millionaire - MOST ELITE BAZIN IN THE WORLD!!!


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