• Filtex Mens Voile- 5 Yards - FMV0183
  • Filtex Mens Voile- 5 Yards - FMV0183
  • Filtex Mens Voile- 5 Yards - FMV0183


Filtex Mens Voile- 5 Yards - FMV0183

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Filtex provides luxurious, high quality fabrics for a wide variety of applications. Our designs are outstanding and exclusive.

Filtex Ltd. is a diverse Swiss textile company which is steeped in tradition and based in the embroidery hub of St. Gallen. For 80 years they have been producing embroideries, laces and fine cotton fabrics, Hilton Textiles has a long standing exclusive relationship with Filtex to sell their amazing fabrics around the world.  At Hilton Textiles we only work with the best and most accomplished manufacturers in order to provide you with only the highest quality products.The Filtex Voiles we have for you are beautiful in both their design and feel, the 100% pure cotton fabrics are rich in texture with intricate patterns.
  • Original & High Grade Filtex Brocade of Switzerland
  • Made from 100% Fine Cotton
  • Durable Quality & Luxurious Feel
  • Perfect for Casual & Occasional Wear
  • West African Fabric primarily for Men

5 Yards (for 10 yards add this product twice in shopping cart)

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