Swiss Voile

Swiss Voile


Swiss voile is undoubtedly the world’s most comfortable and luxuriously soft fabrics, and its undeniable luxury is adored by millions of pleasure-seekers. Hilton Textiles allows you to enjoy the convenience of shopping the finest varieties of some of the most covetable and exclusive Swiss voile collections. We share a very unique and cherished relationship with HKG embroideries, a leading Austrian-based textile manufacturer, which allows us to present our customers with their finest and exclusive collections of premium quality Swiss voile for men. These exquisite fabrics are crafted and designed to enhance the debonair and charm of gentlemen with fine tastes who appreciate the masculine glamour of intricate patterns and traditional embroideries. You can browse through an abundance of charmingly masculine designs that are suitable for both, casual wear and festive occasions. The fine quality speaks for itself with its beguilingly soft texture and exotically woven designs, making this collection one of the most prized essential a man can own in Swiss voile. Crafted from 100% pure Swiss cotton, this breathable cotton has a seamless fall and its hard-wearing beauty will work wonders at amplifying your suave.At Hilton Textiles, we believe that variety is the essence of life, and we’ve put together an exciting myriad of collections to be explore. You can treat your shopaholic tendencies to the finest collections by Filtex Ltd. a diverse Swiss textile company that is considered the truest traditional hub of fine embroidered cotton fabrics in St. Gallen. For the past 8 decades, they have been creating glorious embroideries, exotic laces and fine quality cotton, and we are extremely proud to announce our partnership with this magnificent manufacturer as one of the greatest milestones achieved in our pursuit for premium quality fabrics.  Our exclusive collection from Filtex Voiles allows you to shop an undeniably luxurious 100% pure cotton fabrics marked with rich exotic textures, intricate patterns and strikingly beautiful designs. You can also shop our exclusive collection of premium jacquard, which will help you create a luxurious wardrobe of festive and casual wear apparel. With its exotic motifs, intricate patterns and glorious colour combinations, our embellished Swiss voile and jacquard collections promise a timeless glamour for festive occasions. We also invite you to experience the lasting beauty of our stunning Swiss voile collection featuring rare and intricate gold leafing embellishments. These rich and luxurious fabrics will redefine your standards of comfort with their gentle softness and fashion-forward designs.

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