Julius Holland

Julius Holland 


Julius Holland, a prestigious luxury African brand that specialises in wax printing, was founded in 2002 to provide fashion-forward men and women trendy apparel made with traditional techniques. For decades, Julius Holland has been the iconic force that showcased the art and creativity of talented African artists and traditional trends to a global market.Hilton Textiles is a proud partner of this prestigious and immensely covetable brand, and we invite you to experience their beguiling luxurious collections of fine fabrics and striking designs. Julius Holland presents the modern shoppers a wide variety of emerging and existing African trends with a comprehensive range of prints, vibrant designs, and unique patterns. They provide an abundance of fine quality fabric that are highly versatile for every day wear and festive occasions. Famous for its magnificent wax designing and super wax printing, Julius Holland stands unparalleled with its exclusive variety of unique and distinctively stylish fabrics. The designs are created with innovative and modern textile techniques, providing a long-lasting durability and a luxurious comfort that is unmatched throughout the globe. Originally established to cater to the markets of Africa, the fine fabrics of Julius Holland soon caught the eye of the jet-setters of Europe and America, and it rose to fame as a covetable international brand. At Hilton Textiles, we allow our customers to indulge in the finest and most exclusive picks of its prestigious luxury label. With their subtle tones and vibrant colour palettes, Julian Holland wax and super wax prints provide an eye-catching design with a premium quality fabric that will forever delight you with its unique comfort. Each design and print commands the eye with its unique character and stunning beauty. One can experience the classic inspiration derived from West Africa and its rich history through the striking characters of each and every design. Julius Holland allows luxury-lovers to experience the visual cultures and exquisite fabrics of African with a modern and contemporary look that creates a fashion-forward wardrobe. Naturally, these iconic and style savvy designs appeal to the younger customers, along with delighting the classy tastes of older women and gentlemen. The 100% cotton Java provides a rich texture with a shiny gloss and a crisp finish that is perfect for festive events and fancy celebrations. The Julius Gold is also beguilingly striking with its exotic patterns, unique designs and stunning gold leaf, which creates the perfect festive beauty for special occasions and celebrations.

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